He who has the gold makes the rules

About Me
Hello and welcome! I'm Nicolas Ventura, a 4th year mechanical engineering undergraduate at the University of California, Davis. I'm passionate about mechanical simulations and am looking for a career in mechatronics. I have been fortunate enough to have the experiences of working at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a facilities engineer intern, and for EA Capital Games as a server software engineer intern. I have also participated in several 24-hour design challenges; at HackDavis and the Biomedical Make-A-Thon. I am currently a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society at UC Davis, and was the lead web developer for the Cycle News Hour. Currently I'm the co-founder and working on a startup called Assist-X where I hope to get assistive medical technology into the hands of people who struggle to do simple daily tasks like putting in eyedrops, due to arthritis or other impairments. Hop over to our website at to learn more! I also am passionate about long distance running and mountain biking. While living in Davis, I have frequented Lake Berryessa for hiking and have biked to Winters. Skiing in Tahoe is always fun too. I am also a connoisseur on all things Star Wars. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together or just want to chat about anything I mentioned here!
Jun - Sep 2020
Server Engineering Intern - EA Capital Games
Wrote a technical design document conforming to the Agile methodology to plan out a player spending heatmap for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Built a full stack dashboard application with Spring MVC backend and jQuery and Websocket frontend. Overcame technical challenges with using Redis database by helping rewrite server boilerplate code. Delivered an application that managers can use to visualize player response to new content releases around the world in real time.
Jun - Aug 2019
Facilities Engineering Intern - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Conducted field surveys, located mechanical assets such as pumps, heat exchangers, and chillers, and created piping and instrumentation diagrams in AutoCAD for lab buildings on site at LBNL. Determined critical assets for lab work under supervision of a mentor. Streamlined the workflow of facilities engineers at LBNL by compiling asset schedules into a Smartsheet document.
Jan - May 2020
Built a startup company from the ground up. Revised and redesigned AccuDropper based on consumer wants and needs. Took first place team in UC Plasma competition and received funding for research and development. Learned writing business pitches, created a business website, professional emails, and logos. Networked with investors and professionals in order to learn and grow the company and to create a professional, presentable interface.