Nicolas Ventura | | (925)-212-8342 | Davis, CA 95616 | |
Fall 2017 - Spring 2021
University of California, Davis
Mechanical Engineering | Bachelor of Science | GPA: 3.8/4.0
Deans Honors List 2019, 2018
Computer Aided Design
Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer Programming
CNC Machining
Web Design
Game Design
3D Printing
Operations of CNC Mill/Lathe
Visual Studio
Eclipse Java
IntelliJ Pro
Computer Languages
Visual Basic
Work Experience
Jun - Sep 2020
Server Engineering Intern - EA Capital Games
Wrote a technical design document conforming to the Agile methodology to plan out a player spending heatmap for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Built a full stack dashboard application with Spring MVC backend and jQuery and Websocket frontend. Overcame technical challenges with using Redis database by helping rewrite server boilerplate code. Delivered an application that managers can use to visualize player response to new content releases around the world in real time.
Jun - Aug 2019
Facilities Engineering Intern - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Conducted field surveys, located mechanical assets such as pumps, heat exchangers, and chillers, and created piping and instrumentation diagrams in AutoCAD for lab buildings on site at LBNL. Determined critical assets for lab work under supervision of a mentor. Streamlined the workflow of facilities engineers at LBNL by compiling asset schedules into a Smartsheet document.
Jan - May 2020
Built a startup company from the ground up. Revised and redesigned AccuDropper based on consumer wants and needs. Took first place team in UC Plasma competition and received funding for research and development. Learned writing business pitches, created a business website, professional emails, and logos. Networked with investors and professionals in order to learn and grow the company and to create a professional, presentable interface.
Jan 2020
Make-A-Thon - Pill Spin
Designed a device in a team of 5 in under 24 hours to open a child safe pill bottle with one hand. Presented ideas to judges and revised design for quicker and cheaper manufacturing. Manufactured device using resin 3D printers and laser cutting, and assembled parts to create a fully functional, standalone device.
Mar 2019
Collect, Test, Recycle
Designed a water collection device that tested the turbidity of the water in a team of 4. Modeled and 3D printed a circuit casing in Solidworks with precise measurements to keep device dry and safe to use. Produced and presented a finished prototype that saves water in a farm setting by pumping to a wash basin or to water a field.
Feb 2019
HackDavis - Seize
Designed and constructed Seize in a team of 3 in under 24 hours. Created a website for doctors to use, detailing patients undergoing medical emergencies, with the emphasis on seizures. Wrote JavaScript and PHP code to communicate with the Google Maps API to display a map of the afflicted patients from an online database of patient records. Designed hardware to check a patient's pulse and send data to the database. Simulated our hardware concept in Python.
Jan 2019
Make-A-Thon - Automatic Eyedropper
Designed a device to facilitate using an eye dropper to assist patients with dexterity problems or visual impairments in a team of 5 in under 24 hours. Programmed an Adafruit Trinket and Arduino UNO in C++ to power a servo motor to apply pressure to an eyedrop bottle to force out a single drop. Designed clean circuits that would conform to the device and soldered wires and applied shrink tubing to ensure safety of the user.
Dec 2018
Gyroscope Manufacture
Manufactured a functional gyroscope from raw materials. Analyzed engineering drawings to plan out a design process. Operated mills, lathes, and drill presses to machine parts from raw materials to finished parts. Performed precise measurements with calipers and micrometers to ensure each part's accuracy. Assembled parts to produce the gyroscope.
Jan - Sep 2018
[Retired, 10 users, 1 sale] Wrote HTML, CSS, and PHP code as the sole designer and developer of Enabled UC Davis students to connect online to schedule times and places to meet to buy and sell their textbooks.
Jun 2018
Weather Display Box
Designed a weather display box in a team of 2 that would show current weather conditions. Wired circuits to light up specific LEDs during certain weather conditions. Wrote C++ code for an ESP8266 (microcontroller similar to Arduino) to interact with the API and parse data and update the device in real time.
Jan 2018
HackDavis - Hellocal
Designed Hellocal in a team of 4 in under 24 hours. Created a website that would suggest locations to users based on their current mood to improve their mental health. Wrote CSS stylesheets to make the website visually appealing and easy to use.
Dec 2017
Map Generator
Coded a map generator for a Risk-style game ( that interfaces with the game's web API and entirely automates a mapmaking process. Wrote C# code that generates a 2D map, labels territories, divides map into continents and islands, and handles data about connections between territories.